FA Guidance for COVID 19

By Nick Bennett

A message from the Chairman, to all Clubs

To all,
Last night, you will all have received new guidance from the FA, regarding spectators at the Step 7 pre- season matches and any other related Step 7 games. Understandably, this has come as a bit of a blow, as I think everyone was looking forward to some good games, good supporters and the generation of income. However, it is understandable that these restrictions have been put in place and we must all ensure that we adhere to the guidance.
For some clubs, their facilities being stadia or fully fenced will make following the new guidance easy. Others, however, do not have that luxury, and, indeed, there will be some clubs where the general public have access to the ground. What we must remember, however, is that the public will be unaware of the new guidance, so we must try to explain to them the need for them to move on.
There will be instances where groups will not abide by instructions and this could cause issues at the game. In these instances, please consult with the present officials and explain to them the course of action you have taken. Hopefully, the situation can then be resolved. In cases where it is more challenging to resolve a situation, the present officials and both managers must agree a solution. At this time, we kindly ask that you, then, email the League Secretary with details of the incident, including the date, time and how it was resolved. This is so that the League can keep a record in the event of any repercussions.
At the end of the day, we want all clubs, players and officials to be safe and to enjoy football, even without the presence of supporters.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07831 362113, or by email to Julian.Rinfret@balcan.co.uk.
Kind Regards,
Julian Rinfret
Chairman of the Lincolnshire League

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